Monday, July 27, 2009

Sew Ready

Welcome to Hems & Hers. I'm thrilled that you stopped by to check out my new site.

Hems & Hers is completely devoted to the creation of bargain couture... custom pieces, driven by your likes and dislikes. The concept is simple...

1. You tell me what you want made (skirt, dress, etc)
2. I give you options (A-line skirt, pencil skirt, strapless dress, tie-neck dress, etc)
3. You tell me what type of fabric you have in mind (color, pattern, etc)
4. I send you fabric options to choose from. You choose one of those, and I hit the machine, or we go back to the drawing board until we find something that is PERFECT for you.
5. You send me your measurements to insure an ideal fit.
5. I sew and send, you wear and bask in the compliments.

Pricing is easy too... $40 for skirts, and $50-$70 for dresses depending upon complexity and amount of fabric used.

To get started on your personalized wardrobe, simply leave a comment or email me at


  1. Yay for the new site! I can't wait to see how my dress & skirt turn out :-)

  2. How exciting!!! I really want to wear my dress to a wedding that I am going to in early September and I would love to wear it with gold sandals. I was hoping to have it in a fancy-ish fabric with colors that don't look too summery. I love the fabric used in your ruffle neck dress!

  3. Congrats on the new site! I'll be in touch about a dress soon!

  4. YAY! I'm so excited! Would you be open to us shipping you fabric to use?

  5. still plotting- so much fun :)



  6. loooks great!!!! i'd definitely love to get something sometime, but we need to wait until a few paychecks come in when we get back to school!! congrats

  7. Congrats on the new site!!!

  8. I love love love all of your stuff!! I just answered one of your questions you posted on my blog and included a link here b/c I think this could be a favorite place for me to shop! :)