Sunday, July 26, 2009

Come On In

Want to start sporting your own Hems & Hers original? It's easy!

1. You tell me what you want made (skirt, dress, etc)
2. I give you options (A-line skirt, pencil skirt, strapless dress, tie-neck dress, etc)
3. You tell me what type of fabric you have in mind (color, pattern, etc)
4. I send you 4 fabric options to choose from. You choose one of those, and I hit the machine, or we go back to the drawing board until we find something that is PERFECT for you.

5. I sew and send, you wear and bask in the compliments.

Pricing will be pretty easy... $40 for skirts and $50-$60 for dresses, depending on the pattern difficulty and amount of fabric used. I think the price is fair since you'll get to customize your piece, and you'll know that no one else has it! Below are pictures are some of the items I've made so far...

Ruffle-Neck Dress (this is actually a strapless dress pattern that I added the ruffle to. You can do it either way)

Pleated A-Line Skirt (with or without pockets)
Tie-Neck Dress (with or without grosgrain sash)
V-Strap Dress (mine is made from pique, which makes it sturdier and more voluminous than Little Sister's cotton one)

I'm always working on new styles, so the offerings are ever-expanding.  You can start ordering right NOW (yes, now). To find out more, just leave a comment on this post or email me at 

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