Monday, November 30, 2009

A Kiss of Southern Sunshine

If you read Polka Dots & Protein Bars, you know that one of my favorite people on the planet is aHr from Southern Sunshine. A real life friend and delightful blog writer, this cutie always brings a smile to my face.

Ave contacted me a few weeks ago to create a Carolina blue
Belle skirt for her (a fellow NC State alum, ARH is beyond selfless by wearing a color to support her beau's alma mater). I was tickled to death when I received this picture in my inbox. Ave shows you how to make a Hems & Hers piece weather appropriate by pairing it with long sleeves, leggings and flats. And not to be mistaken for a Tar Heel, Miss Southern Sunshine wisely added an unexpected pop of red to complete the look.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

She Got It From Her Mama

Here are a couple of shots of my sweet sister at ADPi Family weekend rocking her Caroline dress in style. Instead of the ruffled halter, though, she opted for a more simple halter style. I think you'll agree that she is looking presh.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's a Jungle Out There

I always think that every piece I make it my favorite, but this time, I think I'm serious. This Hannah dress and Belle skirt are for a friend of a friend who's heading off to Mexico for fun and adventures. I'm so thrilled that Hems & Hers will be along for the ride. We're going international... it's a fiesta!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Reviews Are In

Those of you who have been around the blogosphere certainly know Queen Bee Swain. One of my favorite bloggers (as a read and as a friend), I was ecstatic to make a lovely little Hannah dress for her. The Queen was kind enough to send me this picture and attached note about her Hems & Hers experience.

"This fetching dress arrived on my doorstep in early September and has proved to be a fantastic transitional piece as the temperatures take a nose-dive. It is so comfortable, easy to wear and attention-grabbing, I can't help but strut a bit more than normal when I sport the Hannah dress out and about. You know that you have a great piece when you've received compliments on it within minutes of sitting down at your desk- even men paid praise for this cheerful frock. I've had so much fun playing around with what is paired with it- because beggars cannot be choosers- the lady in my office that took this pic did not capture the whole ensemble, but I was wearing this with my favorite pair of riding boots to give it a further autumnal touch. Great pieced with or without a belt too!"