Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Even though Twitter has removed Justin Bieber from its trending lists, that doesn't mean you have to go off-trend too.

Here's what to watch for this spring and summer, and Hems & Hers can help you achieve any of these looks:

1. Ruffles galore - designers from Valentino to Chanel embraced ruffles at Fashion Week
2. Sequins - stars need to shine, and sequins are just the way to do it. Whether understated as tee embellishment or adorning a full cocktail dress, warm weather brings the sparkle
3. Neon brights - no one wants to be a wallflower. Neons in any color - pink, yellow, green - add the right pop to any wardrobe and help you stand out in the crowd
4. Tie dye - while not my personal favorite, there's no denying that tie dye is coming back in a big way. Whether in muted shades or screaming hues, this season is all about the dye
5. Gray - more warm weather friendly than black, but still conservative, make sure gray is a piece of your closet this season.
6. Watercolor prints - fresh off a trip to Mood in New York, I am armed with plenty of this handpainted material. These prints lend equal parts romance and fun to any garment.

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