Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Bit of the Unexpected

I'm pretty predictable. When I have fabric choices in front of me, 98% of the time I gravitate to the bright, flirty, whimsical and preppy. Pink and green? Check. Animal print? Yes, please. Seersucker? Without a doubt.

It's always fun for me when a client chooses a fabric that's unexpected. Whether it's a deeper, richer color palette or a print that didn't catch my eye, I'm always eager to discover just what that fabric will become.

With its shades of ruby and ice blue, this Belle skirt happened to be one such instance. I was a bit dubious about it being too dark, but as you can see all my fears were for naught. This is the perfect piece to wear for the holidays without looking like you've donned the dreaded "CHRISTMAS SWEATER."


  1. Very cute fabric! I like that it's holiday-esque in a very understated way. Pretty!

  2. love it! that is also pi phi colors, wine and silver blue! if you have any friends that are pi phis, you should show them the fabric.